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NEW SCULPTURE!!! – 03/23/2007

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What a year 2007, the Chinese Year of the Boar and every 60 years it is celebrated as the Year of the Golden Pig. Interesting for me, I was born 60 years ago in the last honored Year of the Golden Pig and this is the return cycle year. So I am feeling very energized both spiritually and creatively and it is already a very exciting year.
In the winter of 2006 I spent a day with a 30 year old sculptor finding and hauling driftwood off the beach. It near killed me! In the process I found an amazing piece that had the appearance of a heron with its long flowing breast feathers. It was there, in the wood! The wood had been burned in spots and the swirling grain suggested that it was probably part of the root ball in a Douglas Fir tree.
Now, a year later it is titled OF GRACE. The sculpture has a pedestal that is also created from a driftwood piece of cedar that I found this winter past washed up right in front of Milkwood Studio. The finished work stands 69 inches and the heron form has been molded and is being cast in a bronze edition. One of the first castings will be placed in a public sculpture garden near here in Washington State and I will also be submitting it to some upcoming exhibitions.
The sculpture WINDSONG is just about Sold Out and one of those last is being placed right now in the Kiwanis Park that is located on the Anacortes side of Guemes Channel. It will be located so as to be viewable at the Guemes Island Ferry Terminal sweeping across the skyline headed toward Guemes Island. I have had this project in the works for several years and it is very exciting to see it coming home to its place of belonging.
I am very grateful to the Kiwanis Club, The City of Anacortes and the Anacortes Arts Commission and most importantly the community of individuals who love and appreciate the arts and who lovingly sponsor such public placements of sculpture. It is the act of co~creating that inspires me! It will be wonderful to see this 12 foot sculpture embracing the wind along the Guemes Channel and actually in view from Milkwood Studio!
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