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JUXTAPOSE – 11/02/2011

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Is An Out Of The Ordinary Exhibit Of My Art.


Inspired by conversation with gallery Director Kit Porter, this show will represent my sculptures of birds and animals done in carved wood and patinized bronze. Each subject in three dimension will be shown with its corresponding or juxtapose portrait on canvas or encaustic panel.


My desire for this art installation is that viewers will see the various “personalities” of each creature in the two views presented. Drawing attention to large portraits and especially to the eye of the soul in each being, we get to visit these in a close up and personal nature. We can know better how to communicate with them, not only in the wild, but on a more cosmic level. We are one and our source is one of the same.


At subconscious levels, we are vibrating with the songs of these others and when our own creative voice is in harmony with them, we become one vibration or meditation that comforts the planet and gives back to our mother earth the caring that she so deserves.


I wish to dedicate this tender and fierce exhibit to my friend and beautiful inspiration for JUXTAPOSE, Kit Porter of Martin Gallery and “Beyond”.


Kit had left to be with her love Tristan in Mannheim, Germany before the opening. She wrote me this letter which the new Gallery Director gave to me just before the party began. It brought me to tears and I wish to share her words with you here…THANK YOU KIT, I LOVE YOU.


“Dearest Leo,


This is it!!! I can see it now. The gallery is absolute perfection. The lights are twinkling, the music is softly playing, the champagne is flowing, and there is a gentle buzz in the air. The ooohing and aaahing fills the gallery as those who love and admire you have come out to celebrate on this sweet October evening. Each piece of sculpture is placed in the perfect position, begging each passerby to stop, to touch, and to FEEL. The paintings hanging on the walls glimmer and shine, filling the night with their warm golden hue.


There is something magical in the air.


Suddently, the Magi blinks his dark eyes, ruffles his feathers, and hops off his pedestal. He lets out a single hoot to get the attention of those in the room. The harlequin opens a small golden chest revealing objects he has hidden away for the safe-keeping. He pops them out one by one and begins to juggle. The crowd laughs with delight. The Prince lifts his head, gives a gentle purr of satisfaction and nod of approval to the jesters tricks. He rises off his throne, and swaggers across the room, making sure to brush past each person., hoping one might be so kind as to run their fingers through his mane. With this waltz across the room, the animals begin to stir, and so it begins. Each animal takes their turn singing their own song, dancing their own dance, and telling their own story. Oh, what a night!!


And Leo, I am standing quietly in the middle of the room, with a smile from ear to ear, because I am so proud and so grateful to be witnessing this incredible show. It is not just a body of work you have created, it is a body of LIFE you have created. For each of these animals will continue to live on long after they waltz out of these gallery walls. These are works of art that speak to the soul. Through the eyes of each animal, chiseled out of wood or painted on golden leaf, there is a deeper connection. In each creature one can see their own SELF. You may see strength, you may see courage, you may see confidence, you may see wisdom, you may see mystery, you may see compassion, you may see peace, or you may see love. But whatever you see is a reflection of you.


Leo, thank you for the gift you have given to us in your creation, for allowing us to see you, and to see ourselves.


With all of my heart, and a great big hug…






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