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This is a report to the Universe told by ME, the island of Guemes in the San Juan Archipelago
True it is that I am getting swallowed up by developing people, the ones that say, “progress is our most important product”.
People, they have moved here to be on my space and rightfully so as I am still alive with bird song and wild places to walk upon and trees to bring us oxygen and natural beauty. The quiet…it is still here too.
Slowly though I have been put upon by some folk who are not seeing my beauty for what it truly is. Progress, to make me something other than an island has been happening. Some folks would like to see ME as one of their gated communities, a slumber town for Seattle. I know as an island that this has become disturbing to those who have walked upon ME lightly and with reverence.
Let ME tell you though of an island bit of magic that still happens, as you will see.
On a corner of road there was a ¾ acre of land that came up for sale. Now this was not just a piece of undeveloped land with a beautiful large fir tree at its center, but it was a piece of land that had a new, unused septic system and water well installed several years ago by the owner of that space.
Adjoining that little piece of land is a property that has a little cottage and tall water tower upon it. This is one of the landmark structures built upon ME. This property runs from the land for sale up the hill to the adjoining property, about 1000 yards long and narrow. It has always seemed as though that little corner should be part of this existing cottage property, the Tower Cottage as it is tagged.
Before a For Sale sign was placed on the lot, there were people looking at it and measuring the lot and looking to see where to build upon it. So of course that big, beautiful tree would have to go first thing! This tree upon which can be seen gatherings of small songbirds, an owl, a raven, eagle, heron or hawk is obviously a tree with much history and many stories.
The neighbor across the road from that little space saw what was happening and realizing that in no time at all there could be a three story structure there with a HUMMER (not the bird) at the doorstep made a quick call to the realtor who lives on the island.
Oh Yes was the reply, it just came up for sale!
Without hesitation this person put money down to tie up the property in his name. The figure asked for this land was high, or so it seemed to this guy who was not checking the market values on property. In fact this was the last thing that he had in mind doing, to purchase land.
So, what if he did get this property and how much was he willing to pay for it? It seems that others, several others had in mind to develop that space. The upshot was that people began to offer more than the inflated asking price. This neighbor to the land saw a BIG black truck of a major developer measuring off the property, and that was it, he had to act.
So he wrote a letter to the owner of this land, a person whom he had spoken with several years earlier and told her at that time that if she ever decided to sell to please let him know. She had lost touch with that note and had not contacted him, but upon reading his letter she too acted. His letter touched her heart which was what I like to call ‘an island heart’ and she realized that he would be the one to best care for the land. He realized however that since there was nearly $50,000 worth of underground work in place on this property that a structure should be built to accommodate that investment. So the idea of creating a small cottage that would be non invasive to the neighbors views and would fit into the already existing designs around it would be gently created on this land.
It was an intuitive move on his part, as he didn’t really have the desire to be in the construction business or to build another house. This was a person who as an artist was very concerned with what would visually be appropriate to that space and one who would rather see it left as it was, for the wildlife using it.
With several offers that were higher than the listed price, the owner because of her love for ME and her wisdom and love of wilderness sold the property to the artist at full price. So, now this artist owns this piece of ME. What is he going to do with it? As it happened, the owners of the Tower Cottage, who love, love, love their home and land and who help care take the marsh preservation land just below them on the shore, they have a mother whom has lived and rented a house on ME for over a year. She had decided that she too wanted to move here to be in my quietude. She is a beautiful lady who walks on ME so gently and quietly, like a Buddha. She bought the property from the artist!
So now it seemed that the dream came true. The land was saved from large development and this lovely new owner would place a small adorable cottage on it which would be part of her daughters land as years went by. How wonderful was this!
Great shouts of applause went up from ME and my islander friends and stewards.
But, that is not all of the story. What happens next continues to show how as an island I do take care of myself and work my magic on those who are listening to ME. It seems that the Tower Cottage was in need of a new septic system….can you see what is going to happen?
The buddha~ful mother decided along with her daughter, son in law and children that they would go to the county and request that their land above them to the north be subdivided and deeded to the mother. She would build her little cottage there and have a higher view of the coastal waters and Guemes Channel and the Tower Cottage would be deeded the lot that had the new septic system in place and the new well.
As of today a few months down the road that is all taking shape.
I am thrilled and feel exalted by those who so lovingly care for ME. This was an example to ME of trust and following ones heart and intuition. There may seem to be obstacles in our way, but when our heart motives are good and righteous for those around us and that includes ME the land, that magic still happens and the world is still a beautiful place to live in.
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