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Greetings – 05/01/2003

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During the past year my heartstrings pulled me back to Guemes Island, Washington…in the San Juan Island group. The renovation of a newly acquired old house took nine months of sculpting and painting. I could call this my largest art installation to date!!! The island being only a five minute ferry ride from the town of Anacortes affords us an opportunity to have what I call, “a living museum”. The MILKWOOD STUDIO & HOME GALLERY is a living home and studio with artwork shown in over 75% of the space with exterior sculpture gardens and ponds.
Moving back to the island was awesome and the project of co-creating this space with a crew of divine workers was extraordinary and damn well revolutionary in heart, mind and spirit. I also received a fine welcome home, when at the Anacortes Arts Festival my sculpture SONG OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST, an eagle and salmon received the People’s Choice Award. Then more press came as a result of an ART THEFT….yes, my bronze WOODLAND BROTHERS, a nearly sold out edition was stolen by a person throwing a rock through a gallery window on the main street of Anacortes and stealing the bronze and the name tag with it. To date there has been no word sifting down from the hills about it’s whereabouts. What kind of weird evidence this is, that my work is sought after and coveted!!!
Jane Lane will be keeping in touch with you on a regular basis to inform you of activities both here at MILKWOOD and at shows and exhibitions around the world. A website is being prepared that Jane will keep updated with new works as they appear as well as works in progress. Available now we have instant access to the poems that I write for each piece of work and biography information that is up to date.
In the month of February new works in painting and sculpture, including six new bronzes preview at the Martin Gallery in Charleston, SC in conjunction with the date for the wonderful Southeastern Wildlife Art Exposition. New works too will be shown at the Scot-Milo Gallery in Anacortes, WA. The sculpture AWAKENING, a large burlwood wall sculpture is currently showing at the National Sculpture Society Gallery in New York and the sculpture EXPECTING TO FLY is on tour with the Art and the Animal Tour of the Society of Animal Artists, NY. This work will travel to The Canton Museum of Art in Ohio, The Utah Museum of Natural History in Salt Lake City and the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum in Neehah, Wisconsin and the Miami Metro zoo in Florida. A bronze sculpture will be exhibited at the Natural Selection V Miniature Show at MacArthur Beach, FL. with the Society of Animal Artists.
Outdoor exhibits during this year include COMING HOME a bronze bird in flight (image attached) at Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, WI and COMING HOME at the Wescott Bay Institute, San Juan Island, WA. The sculpture SUNRISE is permanently installed at the Wenatchee Arts and Performance Center, Wenatchee, WA. and again, COMING HOME is part of their 2002-2003 Art on the Avenues, Wenatchee, WA.
Previewing on May 13 will be the unveiling of MAGINATION, my 11.5 foot bronze at the headquarters of The National Geographic Society in Washington, DC. This event was organized by the Society of Animal Artists in New York and will be on exhibit through May 2004. At this same time the Yoshida Fine Art Gallery has moved to a premiere location in the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon and they are featuring the original wood sculpture from which the bronze MAGINATION was molded. That piece, METAMORPHOSIS was carved from a huge 3 foot diameter maple tree trunk with spalting and burl forms running through it’s entire length.
All in all, this past year of 2002 has been extraordinary with not only the giant move and renovation, but in keeping up with all that has gone on with my work, Jane Lane and I have been two very busy people.
The future looks bright and there are many things on my horizon that are exciting and meaningful and we will do our utmost to “enlighten YOU” as the veils drop and the visions materialize.
All love and abundance to you,
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