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DOING THE PUYALLUP!!!! – 09/15/2010

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Yes, this year I was asked to be the Featured Artist at the Western Washington State Fair which is I hear the 5th largest fair in the United States and draws over a million folks thru its gates.
The opportunity was staggering as I had been talking with Jane about doing some things this year of 2010 that would affect my local attention as an artist to be seen. It meant making lots of plans for what work to take and how to display over 100 pieces of art in paintings and wooden and bronze sculpture. I spent many hours creating a schematic drawing of each painting and sculpture and how each would be placed and the spaces between them! The space given for the exhibit was an amazing 60 X 20 foot space with red carpet and cedar paneling, very stunning. The exhibition turned out fantastic and there are pictures now on the website along with this writing to illustrate the work displayed.
It was wonderful to see so much of my work, some from many years back all hanging together in this one large open space. I myself was in awe when we arrived at the Pavilion hall to see the show for the first night of the opening of the Fair. The work was wonderfully received by the public as well as by the individuals who were responsible for the Fair and for my being invited to be featured. I must say that the folks involved with hanging the show and organizing everything that I brought were the best! Every aspect was covered and every attention was given to make this the best ever.
Some of my fondest memories are of young artists that I got to meet who were showing their work in the lower floor of the Pavilion. This interchange was exciting and wonderful as being with kids and younger artists is so stimulating and encouraging and to see and witness their own hands and minds at work creating, is miraculous. There were over 1400 juried entries of youth art!!!! Among those works there were many masterpieces! The freedoms shown and expressed and the variety of mediums experimented with was stunning and many, and I will recall many of those works for some time.
Another wonderful moment was meeting a 93 year old artist who I will leave unnamed who looked to be no more than maybe 70 years old. I asked him how it was that he stayed so young in looks and attitude. His reply was great….”Years ago I would teach adults how to paint, but then one day I realized that adults generally have ‘shit for brains’, and from that day on I have worked with children and youths who come to my studio and we work together and that is where my passion lies and how I stay young.” Wow, I got it totally and so valued that man for his wisdom and truths.
I had the opportunity to give several slide presentations and to be present on two weekends for meeting the public. Those hours spent there went by fast as the folks going thru the show were a delight to converse with. Often, yes often I found someone looking into one of my works and tears were in their eyes. Something in my work resonated with these folks so much that the harmonious connection was staggering. This lead to many fantastic conversations and the developing of relationships. What an amazing time it was and to be there to get these bits of inspiration to go on and continue to create beauty in this world for others to see and enjoy. This venue also brought all kinds of people into the viewing of my work, so there were many differing views and thoughts given to me about what I do and that was fantastic and educational to boot.
The Fair lasts for over two weeks and although attendance was hampered this year with much rain, nevertheless the crowds that saw my work and took a brochure home with them was fabulous and I trust that more will come to me from this event as time goes on.
One thing that has already occurred is that my work, two bronze sculptures have been accepted into the Arts Downtown exhibit and they will be installed sometime in March of 2011. I am very thrilled about this, as it is very likely that both pieces may be purchased and will remain a part of the permanent collection of the City of Puyallup.
The success of this event was terrific and I have been honored to know that many shared the belief that it was the finest exhibition of art in the Pavilion that The Fair has ever witnessed!
I am honored and humbled by all that was made possible and given to me thru this awesome invitation.
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