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A PHILOSOPHY – 11/20/2009

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Art transcends all borders, boundaries and barriers. Each creation of our hands comes from our heart and mind and reflects the creative spirit and energy of the Universal Maker. Therefore, we must honor it as sacred. As caretakers of this planet, we must in all hospitality and with consciousness leave this life having given back something beautiful in return for this kindness. Being artists, it is our divine pleasure to do that in a grand way.
With every work of art that I make it is important to let the piece dictate what from it should have. Hence, I work in a variety of media and do not allow any particular style to singularly influence me.
Like so many sculptors before, we are storytellers of our time. When a work is complete, it leaves us and goes its own way into the world. If it is strong and enduring, it may crate stories of its own and have a life unto itself, like a child who grows to adulthood, goes forth from us, and we together and individually bear fruit.
As storytellers, it is sometimes important to go beyond the portrayal of beauty and focus on a harsh reality of our time. An environmental horror or social issue may cause subconscious on conscious feelings to overwhelm us and we must become a spokesperson of that. However, I believe that once we have made that statement, we must then rise away from those feelings and go on to further the cause of beauty in the world.
Sculpture is rhythm; musical form, mood, feeling, the jazz, the energy within. Release that from solid wood or stone and the life quality of that becomes evident.
I am the instrument for release. The mind moves and the tool walks on its own. Become one with the tool, one with the medium, blend, move together, feel the music and feel the sculpture. Touch one of my works and you have felt that energy, the Yin-Yang of a Zen-like guidance.
Keep the Dream alive, maintain the mystery and the mythology, strive for excellence.
Leo E. Osborne
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