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There is a commonality in the “art world” of generations recently passed and present to ask the “academic” question, “Where did you go to school or who did you study under? It seems that this type of questioning and its response triggers a sense of acceptance for the artist by those questioning his or her credibility.
A truly creative, imaginative being does not need the spin off of a dead colleague to help support the work of self. “The times, they are a changin’,” that is the truth and it is this new age phenomenon that is being spoken by the artists of our time and in all mediums of ART and EXPRESSION.
What inspires me are the musicians and lyricists of my generation and how they are still doing their ART and still changing and evolving as imaginative artists. There is however an aspect of my being that is revealing itself in this moment of time and it is this nature of things that I wish to bring to the surface of my life as an artist. This aspect is that of acknowledging the Master ZIAM whose presence appears throughout the ages of time. Aspects of this spirit merged in the 13th century as a whirling dervish of Sufism, spinning and spawning into existence the creative energies that have come to be primary in the evolution and spiritual content of my life.
Ziam’s creative energy was expressed from man’s origins in the Fertile Crescent (Eden) through Egypt, the Far East, Celtic Isles, Africa, the Orient and the Americas. Processing and journeying he sowed seeds of the MAGI-NATION.
These things are of no mere coincidence; they are manifestations of spirit, connecting soul to soul in the spiritual realms and pods of our being. We belong to each other and yet are totally separate individuals on personal journeys into the knowingness of our Self. There is no direct mimicking of technique, no apprenticeship required, no expectation of carrying ones name or style into the future. There is interchange and inspiration and a stirring of the Imagination.
Ah, the imagination…as my 3-year-old daughter told me when I asked her the question 25 years ago, “Where do your friends come from?” These were the ones not visible to my eyes, but for hers only. Her answer was, “I use my ‘magination!” Simple, that was it, and it was an answer to the very truths of creative life.
Image, I-magi-nation, Imagination, Imagine, ‘Magination, Magi-Nation…. let us go into the mystery, the magic of life and of being. The imagination is boundless and it is the very presence of God Within.
ZIAM has touched the lives of many creative beings in our times. Here weaves the fabric of which we are connected by the threads of Ziam, the red threads of our life cord from inner soul to the source of life in the cosmos. As an open vessel I remain still and the flowing spirit of divineness pours through my duality as I am who I am and Ziam resides within me.

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